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Multi-Breed Supplier

Traditional Milking Shorthorn sires. Heritage ("Lakenvelder breed") Dutch Belted sires

spermex Global Genetic Reosurces

USA distributors for the "Spermex Germany" Fleckveih sire program. USA distributors for the "K I Saamen" European Holstein sire program.

Red and *RC polled sires. Of special interest to graziers, crossbreeding and those seeking A2 Beta Casein

Triple Hil Sires

"The bulls who were supposed to be cows"-- deep maternal line pedigrees with type Holstein and Red Holstein sires.

Friesian type Holstein, Jersey and Aussie Red sires. Also sires from many major beef breeds focused on commercial and range herd selection.

ST Genetics




Division of Sexing Technologies, the source of "sexed Ultra" gender sorted semen
Holstein, Red Holstein and Jersey sires featured (Genomic selections)
Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Milking Shorthorn and Lineback sires individually.


We carry New Generation Genetics a supplier of Brown Swiss genetics. Largest selection of ranking Brown Swiss sires in one source.

2015 Spring Catalog

Top Sires

One of the largest selections of club calf beef sires available

International Protein Sires





Competitive Genomic sire selections at conventional semen prices
Holstein, Red Holstein and Jersey sires