Liquid Nitrogen ServiceTake the worry about your liquid nitrogen needs or your tank going dry.  We have small scale to bulk delivery available on the farm or in the clinic.

We have liquid nitrogen always on hand at our Ovid, Michigan office.   Thus you can bring a cryogenic vessel there and we can recharge it, without added delivery costs.

For service to your farm, ranch or kennel, we provide these options:

  1. You can pay per fill on our delivery routes, which are scheduled eight or ten weeks per visit (depending on your location within the lower peninsula of Michigan).
  2. You can pay per year on our delivery routes, the price is based on the diameter of your tank's necktube opening.
  3. You can pay per year for seasonal delivery, with storage of your tank in our office between breeding seasons.   This is less than all-year farm delivery.

Additional tanks at the same location receive a discounted rate (the travel costs are figured into the first tank’s pricing).

For service to your clinic or laboratory, we provide these options:

  1. You can pay per liter, as long as there is a scale we can access for weighing the tank before and after filling to be accurate. Clinics in some locations can receive monthly delivery if required. Otherwise we return eight or ten weeks. There is a basic delivery charge ($15) in addition to the nitrogen metered.
    If you do not have nitrogen equipment yet, we also rent dewars (and discharge devices) to clinics.     Call for current pricing.   Supplier prices have gone up steadily.


2020 Nitrogen Fill Rates (Continue)

Many breeders in every specie that utilizes AI and Embryo Transfer may wish to store semen or embryos off their farm.   This could be to reduce risk of loss from failure of or damage to cryogenic equipment on farm; it could also be for faster shipment of genetic material when you sell it to a buyer who cannot pick it up at your farm.

We have capacity in our office to store over 50,000 straws of semen or embryos.   We also have shipping containers suitable for transport by UPS or Federal Express.   These storage containers are recharged weekly with nitrogen to insure the best quality storage for your semen and embryos.   Our charges for storage are not on a “per unit” basis but on a “per location [canister]” basis, which means we do not commingle different owners in the same locations to minimize errors in adding and removing to/from storage.

Storage is billed on a quarterly basis, at $3.00 per box per month.   Each box has a 240 straw (24 full canes) semen capacity.     This can be included within the annual nitrogen service contract option should we also be bringing nitrogen to your farm containers.

Shipping is billed at the actual carrier rates, plus a $10 fee for packing and a $15 fee for liquid nitrogen and the wear and tear to the shippers (they tend to wear out in 100 uses)

We have semen in our storage that has been maintained since 1958 and is still viable.

Note that we are unable to provide insurance against the failure of our equipment to perform properly, our only protection is the regular monitoring this equipment gets.

Likewise, claims with UPS or Federal Express for semen that does not arrive in proper frozen condition have generally not been honored.



international cryogenics

International Cryogenics

Full line of International Cryogenics (IC) liquid nitrogen tanks.

  • Semen and Embryo Storage
  • Scientific Dewars
  • Bulk Nitrogen Storage

Used and Refurbished Tanks

Small stock of used and factory refurbished tanks also available


Tank / Dewar Accessories

  • Canisters
  • Replacement Neck Plugs
  • Semen Canes
  • Shipping Packaging


Seasonal Tank Rental

We pull your semen from storage, place it in one of our rental tanks, and bring it to your farm.  Once breeding season is over, we pick the tank up and place any unused semen back into storage. Costs are $10 for annual semen inventory, $5 per week rental of the tank including initial nitrogen, $20 nitrogen recharge if you keep the tank to the next route cycle (ie, beyond 8-10 weeks).

Longterm Rentals

Longterm tank rental agreemtns can be made up. Contact our office with your tanks needs and timeline.