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Greg Palen

Approved to provide "aAa" (Weeks) Breeding Guide in 1994, a full time activity today. Greg's own Netherhall Farm, a grass based rotation grazing dairy, breeding purebred polled Jerseys designed to meet all body functions on forage energy.

The value of aAa in herd management

“aAa” Breeding Guide, also known as Weeks Analysis, helps you manage cow size and shape and physical fitness by breeding herd replacements that are best adaptable to your facilities and feeding environment.

aaa-sire-the-needProduction and reproduction, alongside staying healthy in the process, are as much the result of the “physical genotype” as they are of the “trait genotype”.

While the dairy and beef purebred and AI industries are focused on population genetics and generate comparative intragenerational genetic evaluations to tell us who the “best” ancestors should be, Weeks@ Analysis and the aAa@ method of phenotypic analyzation of intergenerational mating effects to produce more uniformly productive offspring.

Adding “aAa” as an equal partner to genetic selection will insure that you will harvest all the “better genetics” you are buying from the population genetics industry.

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