Liquid Nitrogen ServiceTake the worry about your liquid nitrogen needs or your tank going dry.  We have small scale to bulk delivery available on the farm or in the clinic.

We have liquid nitrogen always on hand at our Ovid, Michigan office.   Thus you can bring a cryogenic vessel there and we can recharge it, without added delivery costs.

For service to your farm, ranch or kennel, we provide these options:

  1. You can pay per fill on our delivery routes, which are scheduled eight or ten weeks per visit (depending on your location within the lower peninsula of Michigan).
  2. You can pay per year on our delivery routes, the price is based on the diameter of your tank's necktube opening.
  3. You can pay per year for seasonal delivery, with storage of your tank in our office between breeding seasons.   This is less than all-year farm delivery.

Additional tanks at the same location receive a discounted rate (the travel costs are figured into the first tank’s pricing).

For service to your clinic or laboratory, we provide these options:

  1. You can pay per liter, as long as there is a scale we can access for weighing the tank before and after filling to be accurate. Clinics in some locations can receive monthly delivery if required. Otherwise we return eight or ten weeks. There is a basic delivery charge ($15) in addition to the nitrogen metered.
    If you do not have nitrogen equipment yet, we also rent dewars (and discharge devices) to clinics.     Call for current pricing.   Supplier prices have gone up steadily.


2020 Nitrogen Fill Rates (Continue)

STANDARD FARM SERVICE TANKS   storing dairy, beef, caprine, equine, canine semen/embryos

Per fill

At our office   (110 N Main St, Ovid)                                                                                      $ 30.00    

On our route schedules (60 day or 80 day, depending on location)                                $ 48.00

Second/third tank at same location                                                                                       $ 30.00                       

Annual service billed for calendar year

On the farm all year, filled on our route schedules    (standard neck sizes)                            $ 275.00

Second/third tank at same location                                                                                    $ 165.00

On the farm seasonally, stored at our office between AI seasons                      net     $ 200.00

(in other words, $ 75 discount for saving us time and travel)  deliver or pick up on route schedule

Stored regularly at our office, you pick it up and return yourself                        net     $ 165.00

Rates for tanks of larger than standard sizes

This applies to larger-capacity semen tanks that use more nitrogen, as follows:

Neck diameter of 2.25 inches or more                                                              per fill       $ 55.00

                                                                                           Or if prepaid annually         $ 285.00


Neck diameter of 3.50 inches or more                                                             per fill       $ 65.00

                                                                                          Or if prepaid annually         $ 300.00


We have a supply of recent model rental tanks, standard size, available to rent by the month as might fit anyone just breeding in spring or fall AI seasons.

Rental semen tank                                                                                per month       $ 10.00 

Billing in advance for projected period of use.   

Nitrogen for rental tank                                                                first fill at office       $ 25.00

If requires recharge on the route schedule, standard “per fill” rates then apply (see above).

Storing unused semen at end of AI season

Inventoried at office, transferred into segregated seasonal group storage                          $ 10.00

Following season, transfer to next rental tank                                                                $ 10.00


For other cases, refer to the semen storage charges following.



Handling/inventory when received into or removed from storage  *                           $ 10.00

This includes requests to deliver semen to your farm tank from office storage

Storage of smaller quantities  (as in remainder after a breeding season)

Billed at end of calendar year.            $ 1.00 per straw         $ 5.00 per embryo         =   per year

Larger quantities  (such as bulls actively marketed, surplus from semen collections)

Our storage vessels use boxes that hold up to 24 canes (240 straws 1/2cc size) =(360 1/4cc)

Billing is done quarterly:    $ 5.00/month per full box, or $3.00/month divided half box

We are happy to handle into your storage any semen you might have shipped from another breeder for future use, and to insure timely return of their shippers for you.

It is our practice to add nitrogen into any vapor shipper received UPS or Fed Ex, to insure safe transfer into your tank.



We have a fleet of UPS-style vapor-phase shippers available for your use, as follows:

IC7VS          capacity 30 canes              holds two weeks in transit vapor phase

IC4VS          capacity 12 canes              holds three weeks in transit vapor phase

SC4/2V       capacity 24 canes              holds two weeks in transit vapor phase

SC4/3V       capacity 11 canes              holds three weeks in transit vapor phase

The following charges apply to use of these shippers

For hand transport, in your personal vehicle:              charged with nitrogen             $ 20.00

For shipment via UPS (or Fed EX):                           packing from storage   *          $ 10.00

                                                                             Nitrogen charge                     $ 15.00

                                                                             Rental in-transit                     $ 15.00

Actual shipping charges (out and back) as billed by carrier.

“Return Service” label is included when shipped for returning the empty shipper.



New (and occasionally, used) semen storage tanks or laboratory dewars are available.   At this time we feature equipment built by International Cryogenics of Indianapolis IN but have source for other brands such as Chart/MVE and Wilmington (successor to Taylor-Wharton).          Call the office for current pricing.      ( Anything involving aluminum has been very volatile in recent years. )

If you are a cattleman (dairy or beef) needing a new  (rather than used)  tank, but need to finance it, we have a one year "same as cash" payment program.    Ask for details from Sue   (989) 277- 0480.

Please note:    Nitrogen vessels from China are being promoted online without adequate information.    We are servicing some of these, but note not all of them fit normal route delivery schedules.   If you still want to buy one, when they quote "static holding time" multiply the days by 60% to determine "actual working time".     For example, "static hold time" of 110 days is pretty much the minimum you should have to work safely on an eight-week route schedule.
By comparison, the basic semen tanks made by International Cryogenics, Chart/MVE and Worthington will quote "static holding time" of 180+ days.

The biggest issue with Chinese tanks is that many are shipped with a "Euro" semen canister.     You cannot put USA standard semen canes into "Euro" canisters-- they tip out into the bottom of the tank!        

Will you be storing embryos?     Embryologists recommend to the extent possible, you should always have liquid nitrogen (not just nitrogen vapor) around stored embryos.    They are much more fragile than frozen semen.   This is another reason to avoid buying an older model tank, or a small-capacity Chinese tank, off the internet.     This is another reason we add nitrogen to any shipper arriving, to insure embryos as well as semen has returned to the temp. of liquid nitrogen (-320 F) rather than trying to transfer somethintg that is arriving at vapor temperature (-140 F).



Our nitrogen supplier guarantees us “food grade” liquid nitrogen 99.4% purity.

At our office

Per liter                    (minimum quantity billed 5 liters)                                              $ 2.00

On route schedule

Per liter                    (minimum quantity billed 10 liters)                                            $ 3.50

Delivery charge       (tank owned by clinic)                                                              $ 15.00

Delivery charge waived if we deliver 50 or more liters per visit


Larger volume users

100 or more liters per visit                                                               per liter            $ 3.00

Delivery charge waived if can be scheduled within a regular route


Rental equipment available

 Laboratory dewars       (20 liter capacity)                                      per month          $ 10.00

Manual discharge device to fit dewar                                           per month            $ 10.00

Delivery charge waived to clinics using rental dewars


 If you have any requirements that differ from the above, feel free to call us:   (989) 834- 2661.